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Testimonial of Academic Fellow Sofia - Maria Poulimenou
(updated: 24-04-2024)
Visit by Professor Angela Flores
(updated: 17-04-2024)
Testimonial of Agnieszka Osmoła
(updated: 17-04-2024)
Testimonial of Pelagia Skiada
(updated: 28-02-2024)
Testimonial of Akrivi-Efthalia Kokkini-Gennata
(updated: 22-02-2024)
Testimonial of Danai Georgini
(updated: 06-02-2024)
Testimonial of Dimitris Thomopoulos
(Update: 05-02-2024)
Testimonial of Freideriki Mylona
(updated: 01-02-2024)
Testimonial of Despoina Triantafyllou
(updated: 20-11-2023)
Testimonial of Eilika Van Lier
(updated: 18-10-2023)

Video Clip for Erasmus + by Stavroulaki Maridina (updated: 04-09-2017)
Presentation by Angel Garcia
(updated: 25-08-2017)
Presentation by Gaitatzi Katerina
(updated: 25-08-2017)
Testimonial by Gaitatzi Katerina
(updated: 25-08-2017)
Testimonial by Litsas Nikolaos
(updated: 25-08-2017)
Testimonial by Moumtzi Manto
(updated: 25-08-2017)

Ntinapogia Panagiota Video Testimonial (updated: 01-09-2017)
Testimonial by Rouvas Alexandros
(updated: 25-08-2017)
Testimonial by Satou Tonia
(updated: 25-08-2017)
Testimonial by Stavroulaki Maridina
(updated: 01-09-2017)

Stavroulaki Maridina Video Testimonial (updated: 04-09-2017)
Updated: 24-04-2024
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